It takes collaboration across a community to develop better skills for better lives. We hope you will join the LASC Foundation’s Board of Directors to support our future leaders and ensure social equity in our communities.   

Our Mission.

Los Angeles Southwest College Foundation aims to provide resources for initiatives, programs and scholarships directly benefiting the college's students, faculty and staff while committed to making higher education attainable.

Our Vision

The Foundation’s vision is to support LASC's mission of student success, life-long learning, and enriching the lives of its diverse community.

Role of LASC Foundation


Proactively raise funds that support the foundation’s vision, mission, and goals.


Develop innovative programming that brings awareness and financial support.


Relieve the pressures of the financial shortfall impacting the college.


Structure the board and organization that fosters effective implementation.


Assess the board’s needs and purposefully recruit new members dedicated in fulfilling the board’s purpose.


Demonstrate personal responsibility by making a financial commitment.


For more information about the LASC Foundation, send an email to