Almutahda Smith

As the newly elected chairman of the board for the LASC Foundation, I understand the importance of making today’s students our primary focus for they will be tomorrow’s leaders. Many young people in the South Los Angeles community are subjected to financial and academic setbacks, and we want to utilize our resources, programs, and services to limit these challenges.

For many of these students, they will be the first person in their family to attend college, and I can relate to that daunting feeling. We hope to establish more opportunities for every young person to succeed and assist them along the way, even after they enroll in college. I am honored to share with you our upcoming programs and initiatives for Los Angeles Southwest College Foundation Double Down 2020 Campaign. Our goal is to provide double the scholarships and resources through connecting with like-minded community partners from various sectors. We also strive to increase student involvement in STEM, Entertainment, Health, and Technology fields, where there are plenty of new and emerging career opportunities. 

My goal is to build upon our former chairman, Karim Webb’s great success and match his passion for bringing together strong supporters of our students. I believe that education is a powerful tool, and with the continued support of our dedicated board members and community supporters, we hope to continue to instill that premise into every young person in our community.

I invite you to be part of our Los Angeles Southwest College Foundation and community endeavor as we continue to grow, make significant leaps, and leave our mark on the next generation of leaders. Share our journey and goals of producing graduates with purpose and vision and not just careers or degrees. We recognize that we are  molding not only professional individuals but global citizens who will play an active role in creating a better future for South Los Angeles. I hope you will consider joining us in this academic journey and realize the positive impact you can make through supporting the efforts of the Los Angeles Southwest College Foundation. 

We aspire to make education and opportunities accessible for everyone…everywhere. I look forward to all of us working collectively toward this goal. Thank you!


                                                                  Almuhtada Smith

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